Listen, this book club isn't for the faint of heart.  It's got authenticity, vulnerability, & juicy ass vibes written all over it. 


This is for the woman who loves all things self-development, who is ready to freaking grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, who isn't afraid to discuss spicy subjects, or to dive deeper into expanding herself. This woman is ready to be self-led in all areas of her life.


Think personal growth, spirituality, sexuality, & some yummy ass vibes.

What's included?

  • Audio podcast recording sharing all the wisdom of the book (read it or don't, up to you) given to you one week before the live Zoom discussion

  • Monthly live Zoom book club discussion on the second Thursday of each month 7PMCST (all calls recorded)

June's book is "Radical Intimacy" by Zoe Kors & the date of our live session is June 9th at 7PMCST and the author herself will be gracing us with her insights at the live session.


  • Drop in rate $12 one time fee

  • Subscription rate $8.88 per month

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This is for the woman who is not only ready for The Baddie Collective Book Club, but she's ready to live aligned, grounded, and freaking free. It's for the woman who is ready to channel her divine inner Goddess living fully embodied. Sacred Sisterhood will guide you through dropping back into your body to gain the clarity & connection you need, not only to yourself, but to a like minded sisterhood.

What's included?

  • The Baddie Collective Book Club


  • One Monthly Zoom Call on the first Sunday of each month 10AMCST that includes:

    • Embodiment Practices​

    • Meditations

    • Journaling & Reflection

    • Q & A


  • One session $26 one time fee

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