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Money Moves

Money is just an energy. Period. 

It's simply our money stories, our past experiences, & our conditioning that have led us to believe that "money is hard to make", "money doesn't grow on trees", "you have to work hard to make money". It's all BS.

Money likes to move and it wants to move to YOU. Promise. Think of money as a relationship and in all relationships you have to foster it. You have to cultivate trust & develop a healthier relationship with and to it.


And that's exactly what we are offering here.

After working with multiple 7 figure entrepreneurs, having our own success, 20K months, 13K weeks, 10K clients, we've jam-packed our money beliefs into a powerhouse bundle for you. Including an hour long module on the energy of money, shifting your perspective, conceptually understanding, and fcking up your old belief systems in the best way, an hour long subconscious reprogramming audio (most effective right before bed and in the AM), & some journal prompts to rewrite your money story.

Quit cockblocking your blessings baby & buy the damn bundle.

The investment for the bundle is $44.