Business Activation Sessions

I am here to help you bring a new paradigm into your physical reality, where your elevated identity matches the impact & income you desire in your business.. In a business activation session, we will work through mindset challenges, energetic shifts necessary, elevating the identity of who you be in your business, & deep embodiment of your highest self. You are welcome + encouraged to bring 1-3 problematic areas in your business to dive deep into.

I will offer high level support, deeply seeing you, reflecting your truths, potential, and desires. All activation sessions encompass basic Human Design type, strategy, & authority, ensuring you are in alignment in your business with your own unique design type.

At the end of our time together, you will leave elevated, expanded, & empowered, knowing the next steps to take in your business. You will feel MASSIVE shifts in your energy & mindset, that will reflect in your outer reality.  You will have a list of practical tools to integrate into your daily life to set you up for sustained change + growth.